I have a really weird background and it's a long story. Basically, the gist of it is that I offer two types of consulting services...


  1. Life consulting - I offer life consulting for those who are traveling down the same roads that I've traveled in my life as it pertains to divorce, parenting, self-care, and personal development. Everything from talking through whether or not a divorce is an option, to trying to manage self-care and personal development even as a single parent, to parenting with a purpose. My most requested service is my vision board consulting which offers a complete life assessment and a road map for change in the form of a custom made vision board.

  2. Data Consulting - I offer data consulting to businesses that are looking for a data subject matter expert to help organize and develop the data flow to accommodate their growth. Everything from database development to data analysis, to development. My most requested service is Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access process automation. I re-organize and enhance existing spreadsheets and databases and for Excel, make the finished product web-accessible.

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