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Dear Esteemed Attorneys...

In an era where Guilford County is finally embarking on the digitization of its court documentation process, isn't it time for your firm to follow suit?


Managing client files can be a Herculean task, even with advanced systems for contact information, scheduling, and billing. Yet, when it comes to case/client paperwork, the reliance on traditional paper inside legal folders persists.

We understand the challenges you face in staying organized amidst the paperwork deluge. That's why we're partnering with law firms in the Triad area to revolutionize their document management practices.


Here's how we can assist you:

  1. Efficient Digitization: Collaborate with our team to scan and catalog your paper court documents. Rest assured, confidentiality is paramount, upheld by stringent NDA agreements.

  2. Custom Database System Development: Benefit from a tailored database system enabling seamless document retrieval. Our solution allows for easy searchability by case number, client name, and customizable search terms, enhancing efficiency in document management. No fancy software needed, our solutions utilize Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Google Sheets. (And don't worry, our database keeps all files stored on your secured network simply linking to them for search and viewability to ensure security)

  3. Additional Available Features: Enjoy the convenience of templates for court documents, automated flagging of pending filings, and the ability to record case notes—all aimed at optimizing your workflow.

Let's face it—many attorneys are overwhelmed by the constant juggling act. Countless billable hours are lost in the quest to locate the right documents, often resulting in delaying getting back to clients for updates in a timely manner and cramming for court the week before. Allow us to alleviate this burden and propel your firm towards heightened productivity!

Blue Minimalist 3 Stage Diagram Venn Infographic Graph.png

This offering is tailored for those ready to take action. If you're prepared to embrace a streamlined document management system, we invite you to order your consultation package now. Experience firsthand the transformative power of our solution today!

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