The Vision Board that Marked the Start of My Journey

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My clients are women contemplating or getting out of a divorce who are stressed and overwhelmed for a variety of reasons. They are driven and motivated go-getters who have recently found themselves feeling stuck. They know that they are living beneath their potential and have finally had enough. They are ready to change their lives and start living the life that God always intended them to have.

I run an online school where all of my clients begin working with me. There they are able to get instruction and begin the process of self-improvement and empowerment. Once they have taken at least one of my courses, they can then decide to hire me as their life coach to continue their journey.




Most students enroll in my school for one reason, they are contemplating divorce and they want real biblical answers concerning when divorce is acceptable. They start with my Authorized Divorce course to get answers and as God speaks to them in that course, their life is forever changed for the better.


The Vision Board that Marked the Start of My Journey

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