The Currency of the Divorced Single Mom

The currency of the divorced single mom is time. When you’re juggling 100 things daily, between your career/business, your children, and your ex, the key to maintaining your sanity and decreasing your stress, is time. Anything/anyone who can help free up some of your time, while still allowing you to be superwoman since that is what your life demands, is worth their weight in gold.

I know first-hand what that’s like, so that fact is hugely taken into consideration when developing ways to help my clients. Because, when you’re dealing with, or just coming out of a divorce, you know that you have the power to change your life and to thrive, but the everyday stress of your life feels like a boat anchor. Women with the most go-getter and determined mindset can feel stuck and powerless when they’re feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed. If any of this sounds like you, let me help you ditch the anchor and become a superwoman without the stress. I’d love to connect with you and discuss how I can help.

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