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"Christian women are forcing themselves to stay in toxic, abusive, and life draining marriages. Or, they are divorcing, yet staying stuck; never thriving or becoming the amazing women that God created them to be. This is unacceptable. I provide faith-based bondage breaking empowerment and freedom through resources, exclusively for divorced or divorcing Christian women. My mission is to help women experience freedom through their divorce; to find their purpose and destiny, and to actively participate in it; to discover joy again. Whether it's through my coaching or my school I empower women to put their destiny first, and to find a deeper relationship with God in the process"

Amanda Nicole

Does your marriage feel like a prison with your husband as the warden? Understand God and the Bible's Views On Divorce Without Feeling Judged, Attacked, or Condemned. Understand exactly what God has to say about your specific situation concerning divorce. No more agonizing over what you should do. Get the real answers you need by the time you finish this course!

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