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About the CEO

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Amanda Stowe (CEO)

Meet Amanda, a dynamic and results-oriented Business Process & Document Management Consultant with over 20 years of dedicated experience empowering small to midsize businesses through effective data and document organization strategies.

Specializing in crafting bespoke document management database systems and streamlined processes, she has a proven track record of enhancing efficiency and driving profits for diverse enterprises.

Proficient in a wide array of tools and technologies including Microsoft Access, SQL, Oracle, Visual Basic, MS Excel, and more, she excels in translating client requirements into robust database solutions.


With a keen understanding of business needs, she collaborates closely with stakeholders to design and implement tailored databases that optimize workflows and maximize productivity.


Her unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction ensures swift and seamless Microsoft Access Database Development services, making me a valuable addition to your team.

Perfect Choice

"Amanda was the perfect choice for our database upgrade project and we would not hesitate to contract her again. She was always responsive and timely whether it was scheduling a phone call or addressing an issue that was found during development. Her communication with every discussion ensured everyone one was on the same page at every stage of the project and that we were clear on the project timeline and costs. With her strong work experience, adept project management and pleasant personality, Amanda delivered on all of our project needs and made it very easy to work with her!""


Ready to Upgrade Your Business Processes?

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